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Conveniently Located in Historic District, Folsom, CA

We have a regular schedule of readers who can provide insights and ideas for your journey.
Our Readers are also available for phone readings. Please call the store at 916 355-8844 if you want to schedule an in the store or a phone reading.





Susan Hansen  Susan has been helping her clients for over 20 years clarify, direct, balance and uplift those with questions and concerns about relationships, career decisions and health issues. Susan specializes in the Chakra System and gives spiritual insight and guidance as to why one may have an emotional or physical block that is holding them back from having a great life. Susan treats each client with integrity, compassion, kindness and candor and finds it an honor helping others in any way that she can!

Susan is reading with us Mondays, the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 5th Sundays from 11 am to 4pm. call 916 355-8844

Rev Shannon Cary

Rev Shannon provides Intuitive Counseling, Energetic Healing, and Spiritual Coaching & Teachings. She helps You Invite Balance, Harmony & Wellness into your Experience. She offers Intuitive Insight & Guidance, to assist you in Consciously Creating your Life. Her Belief is that with the Power of Positivity, Amusement & Honesty, We can Change Our Course.

She employs Energy Readings, Healings & Teachings ~ using a Variety of Techniques. Shannon Specializes in Addiction and Recovery, Self-Image & Enthusiasm.

Former Financial/Business Director & Staff Teacher at the Sacramento Berkeley Psychic Institute. Licensed, Ordained & Commissioned Minister, Intuitive Counselor, Divine Healer & Certified Meditation/Healing Teacher. Reiki Master.

Shannon provides readings at Planet Earth Rising on Wednesdays 11am – 3pm.  www.revshannon.com


Deanna Frank uses her intuition and innate wisdom to spiritually counsel people who are at a crossroad or want confirmation that they are moving into the right direction.  She inherited her psychic ability from her mother and maternal great-grandmother who was also a professional psychic. Deanna is an expert in tarot cards, which she has been reading since 1977 and also does direct intuitive and astrology readings. Rates are $30 for each 15 minutes. *Astrology readings must be booked in advance. Please provide date, time, and place of birth.

She is at Planet Earth Rising on 1st and 3rd Mondays, 3rd and 5th Thursdays and every Friday, the Spiritual Festival on the first Sat as well as the third Sat.


Roxie Reynolds

Hello, I am a natural born medium and have had my gift since I was a child.  I am able to see and speak with the deceased, spirit guides creating a bridge between our worlds. I also do psychometry which is the ability to sense an object’s past through touch. I can do photo readings as long as I can see the eyes clearly in the photo.

I hope to meet you soon. Roxie reads at the shop on 2nd, 4th and 5th Mondays and every Tuesday  and the first, second, fourth Thursdays from 11 to 4.


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